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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Let Love Shine!

a lovely subscriber sent me a question, wanting to know how to increase her chances of conceiving and also how to enjoy a more loving relationship with her husband... so here are the positive energy tricks to do just this.

Dear S,
Thank you for your question. For hints on feng shui for fertility, there's some simple remedies here- "Bringing in the baby chi".
But you've brought up two strongly linked energetic questions and I want to go deeper with you...

Your letter reminded me of the song by Jack Johnson, called "Angel". In the lyrics he sings, "You've gotta be careful when you've got good love/ cos the angels will just keep on multiplying" I'm using his special insight to share with you a very effective feng shui strategy: a wonderful way to get closer to your husband and to make a baby is to really power up the love energy in your life!

As well as all the feng shui remedies to increase devotion, passion and partnership (just google "Feng Shui for Love" and you'll find dozens!) one of the most powerful things you can do is to make some new commitments to yourself.

1. Ideally tomorrow, as it's a powerful new moon day, make a decision about your life. For even stronger results, write it down. Own your desire to have children, decide you will, decide you will do whatever it takes to get closer to your husband, or decide that he is not the man for you and you want love & children in your life from another source.

2. Make the decision that you are in charge of the love you experience in your life. Carry a rose quartz tumbled stone around with you for the next 28 days and every time you see it or touch it, think of 1. how loved you are, 2. how much love you have inside of you, and 3. those things you really love.
- How loved you are.. call to mind family and frinds that love you and the ways they show you they care. take notice of the flowers, trees, sparkling water or shimmering desert and feel how much the universe loves you to give you a share in all this
- How much love you have inside of you.. remember times when you've done something special for someone you love. watch a sad movie and feel the compassion you have for the characters- and you don't even know them! think about the way you love your husband and get excited imagining the happy family you want to create.
-Those things you really love.. make a list of your favourite things and strive to incorporate them into your life everyday


3. Decide to create a life you love. As you begin enjoying more love in your life, whether it's by making adjustments in your work, or body, or house so you feel happier, getting rid of toxic people in your life, or taking up a new hobby, you will begin to shine. As you smile more and look forward to more everyday, your whole energetic body will lighten and you'll become more attractive as a being... and positively irresistible to your husband!

Lastly remember, we absolutely get what we focus on. Appreciating even the tiny things your husband does for you, (tell him :), looking at him and remembering what a wonderful person he is (or recalling a nice memory of him), talking about him favourably and keeping a diary of all the times you're affectionate together will all make these things happen more and more in your life.

Be happy and the loved-up being you are, S, and know the Universe wants to give you what you want (it's not a question of IF you'll get it, the only question is WHEN.)

love & blessings to you,


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