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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Beyond Romance

Have you ever met someone you're really attracted to... when you're already in a relationship with someone you're really attracted to?

When a piece of you goes, "if this was another time, another place, or a year earlier...." - something inside you knows the two of you would go off like firecrackers!

Makes you think- why? Why would the universe give us such a gift- the gift of attraction?

And we know by now- we don't want that person, per se. We want the promise of that person- the way they make us feel. We want excitement, exploration, adventure- the emotions that generate new romantic love- in our life.

i walked away. Two times, three times. Loved the feeling: I want it... I can have it... I'm not going to take it.

Fidelity, yes. Foresight, yes. And... more than that- interest in the meaning underneath. Interest in the energy that attracts it in the beginning.

Because when you're in that state of mind- love walks into your life.

(i really write this post with two things in mind: 1. being attracted to someone new doesn't mean you don't love or honour your relationship. We can transmute this energy all sorts of ways if we feel we need to with our present partner; and 2. -most important- if you are single, and complain you never meet anyone attractive to you at all- that new romantic love works as a cause/effect, so by generating the emotions of adventure, excitement and exploration within yourself, you'll draw to you the energy of new love.)

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