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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Pivoting- helping the Universe get your order right

Pivoting is the act of removing yourself from a place where you're attracting something you don't want... and into a place when you're beginning to attract what you do.

Have you ever opened a bill, and felt that sinking feeling, like "How am I going to pay this?" or been alone somewhere, surrounded by happy couples and felt a sense of despair, as in "I'll never find somebody really special!"

When we feel these negative emotions it's a sure sign we're on the path to attracting more of what we don't want, instead of what we do want. And as hard as it may seem in the moment, this is the exact and precise time we need to pivot, and let the Law of Attraction send us what we're dearly craving.

It's powerful to daydream about how we'd like our life to be, write happy memories, predictions and desires down when we're in a good state of mind. It brings these things closer to us and attracts more of them without question. But when we take a moment of despair or negativity and turn it into a powerfully positive new point of focus- this holds the energy within it to literally change our lives- and in a very short period of time.

Okay, so how to perform the powerful energy pivot?
Teachers of the law of attraction tell us that when we're in a place of negative emotion, it's helpful to stop and say, "Uh oh, I'm thinking about what I don't want here. What is it I do want?" Abraham and Esther Hicks, who coined the term Pivoting and offer wonderful advice on how to do it, is one of these.
Another way, and my favourite, to pivot, is to activate the most powerfully positive emotion of all- appreciation.
So, the next moment you feel yourself getting upset with the way things are, stop. The key that opens the door to Pivoting is appreciation. Immediately, look around and find something to appreciate... the pleasant temperature where you are, the nice day, or something around you or inside you; you can notice and begin to feel good about.

The first thing you'll notice when you either focus on what you do want, or look for something to appreciate, is how much better you feel. It's almost as if a weight is lifted off you. Abraham-Hicks says it's this feeling of relief that indicates that you're beginning to allow the free flow of energy towards you. This positive energy is what all the things, experiences and abundance you want to flow into your life rides in on. It's the sheng chi of your life!

I've pivoted successfully three times in the past day; and experienced wonderful results. Although it's not ideal to be in a position where you're summoning negative energy and needing to pivot (!), to perform one successfully is a wonderful feeling in itself, as well as a tool for life you can use that will make you feel better... thereby allowing what we truly desire to flow into our lives.

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