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Monday, February 9, 2009

DIY feng shui by the sea

I have to tell you that I am having a wonderful time relaxing back in Australia after being away fo so long! One of the things I am enjoying so much is learning to make art with oil pastels. (I was inspired to do this on our last return to Sydney when we went over to my ex-boyfriend and his new partner's home for dinner. Since she had moved in, the place had been transformed! By her beautiful flair for painting whimsical, bright colours on canvas. She completely inspired me, and really confirmed that painting canvas frames is a wonderful, cheap and totally enjoyable way to change the energy of any room!)

The apartment we are renting here has an extension in the south west- so it's the perfect love shack, really, this being the romance direction! But it did make me worry for a wee while that we had a missing south east corner, so I thought to hang this piece above the bed...

Yet water imagery in the bedroom is a no-no, it invites 3rd parties into your happy partnership...

So I'll have to do something up in a rich, deep purple- beautiful colour to use in an east or south east bedroom to empower wealth without calling in water. The south east corner isn't missing, but it's a wonderful opportunity to activate more prosperity, and that's always welcome, oui?

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