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Thursday, February 5, 2009

The yin & the yang of it

I love to look at this picture of Strawberry Hill in Jamaica. There exists a lovely Yin/Yang synergy here.

Life is a delicate balance, isn't it?

We think of the ocean, or any body of water, to be Yin- calming, contemplative, dark and quiet..

But here in the land of the wide sky and incessantly crashing surf.. oh most beautiful white noise! oh most lovely air filled with healing ions!.. the environment is very Yang- so yang that inside, candle light seems too demanding, and drawing a curtain against the endless Pacific can offer some welcome calming energy.

"Exploring both extremes... we find our balance."

In Australia, dreaming of the Caribbean? That's because I'm loving the Gold Coast whilst looking forward to lovely new offerings in the West Indies come May. Exciting stuff! In next posts I'll share more!


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