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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Valentines Day Colours 2009

girls, this picture could be the result if you wear yellow this Feb. 14!

It's almost Valentines Day! Have you planned your day of love yet? If you're really looking for something to add the special vibe to your day, or night- you'll love these feng shui Valentines Colours 2009.

What brings in love one year will have a different effect the next- not only in mood and environment- the same/old is just boring, isn't it? - but also in terms of energy. In the past year I've been intensely observing human relationships and feng shui for love- from in Doha and Dubai, to Florida, UK and Australia- and the below are the colours the loved up- the happy couples, the hottest designers, the most fabulous places, and the most sexy swimwear- is about. The Feng Shui colours for love in 2009.

Guys: the buzz colour this Valentines Day is Orange. Not as confronting as red, not as power-driven as yellow and not as feminine as pink, wearing the colour orange or choosing a restaurant that features this colour; even, if you’re entertaining at home, using orange candles and napkins to add that touch that says, “tonight’s a special night”… Orange at this time for men is a very strong positive love-energy colour.

Pair it with white if you live by the sea or it’s summer where you are; with black if it’s a high-powered city lifestyle you’re living. Orange brings true love and luck, this Valentines Day!

Girls: Regardless if it’s almost-spring (aka deep midwinter!) or high-summer, your powerful colour for love this VDay is Yellow. Reminiscent of sunshine and flowers, did you know that the combination of Yellow and Black for a woman to wear means “power”? Perhaps it’s to do with the yellow chakra, the solar plexus, where personal power is centred. From lemon to buttercup or deep gold and every shade in between, ditch the pink and warm up your heart’s desire with refreshing, interesting yellow- on your clothes or whilst entertaining, for these are the qualities it will lend you.

What's so wonderful about this years feng shui colours for love is that whether you're single and ready for your soulmate...
happily together and planning a surprise...
or wanting to spice things up with your long-term partner...
you'll get the same, heart-fluttering results.

They WILL bring in more love, so make sure you're clear on what sort of relationship you want to enjoy with a special partner, this Valentines day and for the rest of the year!

Oh and- how cute is this simple feng shui bedroom? Look at the matching bedside tables and lamps... the his'n'her silhouettes.. hot pink sheets for laughter, fun and passion... and warm orange wall for nurturing and stability. You can read about it's simple creation here.

Hearts and love to you!


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