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Monday, February 2, 2009

Feng Shui in Paradise

Greetings from the beautiful Australian Gold Coast- one of the simply special places on earth, with it's miles of pristine beaches, most beautiful, peaceful hinterland, warm friendly people, delicious eateries, glittery nightlife and world-class boutiques.

And- architecture! wandering Surfer's Paradise... so many fresh buildings catch my eye. I'd love to peek inside and discern the feng shui of Jade...

And Q1, presently the world's tallest residential building and the striking, pointy newcomer to the Gold Coast skyline...
(this is the observation deck)

Now this excites me, feng-shui-wise... look how the shadow of Q1 falls over Jade in the afternoon.

Sun-drenched days, balmy nights and lots of feng shui await... For feng shui of your home on the east coast, you can contact me on 0409 799 455.

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