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Friday, February 13, 2009

Your Life By The Sea- Sharon Hamblin

It's my pleasure to bring you a peek at the life by the sea of Sharon Hamblin, author of the "Adventure Guide to Maui" and the "Honolulu, Waikiki & Oahu Adventure Guide".

Sharon is one of the most postive-energy beings I know! So I was curious to discover what her environment is like to keep her so balanced and successful.

It seems her gorgeous pup Buttercup, lazy days at the beach and souvenirs from around the world fill her with happy energy...

I hope you enjoy a lovely look into her viewpoint on life in Northern California as much as I did.
Love n blessings!

Sharon, tell us! Where by the sea do you feel most relaxed yet energised?

It may be strange but whether I am living right next to the ocean or living a day's drive away from the sea, my favorite part of going to the beach and sea has to do with the anticipation of the visit. I love turning the first corner of
a road or trek where you get your first glimpse of the water. I get an explosion of emotion with the anticipation of seeing that vast blue sea... and the thought that in just a few minutes I will be enjoying the sounds of the waves, the view of endless swells and whitecaps and feeling that familiar guilty pleasure... because I have spent a huge portion of my life at the sea.

Such truth. What is the favourite room in your home, and why?

My bedroom is my favourite room - it's my sanctuary. It's filled with mementos from my worldwide travels - a rug from Bali, photos of friends in Australia, collages of time spent in Paris... all great reminders of fun times in my life. I love waking up surrounded by what I consider to be little inspirations; they help me jump into whatever the day may bring. And I have a very comfortable bed with lots of pillows.
I've figured out the perfect angle for me to lay in bed and use my laptop. My ideal morning starts with a cup of coffee and my laptop joining me and my dog Buttercup in bed.

Mmm, sounds like heaven! Do you have a favourite or lucky object?

I've always got a favourite a piece of jewelry that has a special meaning to me. Right now it's a pair of opal earrings that belonged to my late mother. Before that it was a very old ring that had been passed down from my
grandmother to me. I also have a large collection of sand dollars that I
collected at a Northern California beach. They are special to me because I spent
many spent hours with each one - cleaning, scrubbing, bleaching and drying them
by hand. I also save all my fortunes from fortune cookies.

Aha! Can we ask your fortunes in a later post? What places can you recommend in your local area that offer positive and joyful energy?

Although I'm not as close to the ocean as I would like to be, there are still some amazing on-land sites that have become magical to me. One is Mount Shasta, a dormant volcano that holds a very sacred spot in American Indian history. It is also a spiritual mecca of sorts that draws people from around the world. With a 14,162-foot summit, Mount Shasta is the fifth-tallest peak in California and a popular spot for mountain climbers, skiers and snowboarders.

Thank you for sharing your special energy with us, Sharon!

As well as the author of travel books,
"Adventure Guide to Maui" and the "Honolulu, Waikiki & Oahu Adventure
Guide", Sharon has written magazine articles and content for many
prominent websites. After living in Hawaii for 12 glorious years, Sharon
Hamblin and her miniature schnauzer, Buttercup, now call Northern
California home. To order one of her books, visit,
check out your local bookstore, or purchase online at
, Amazon, or Barnes &

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