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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Finally... some flying stars for 2009.

Happy here to bring you some updates on the Flying Stars for Year of the Earth Ox, 2009. The danger zones which really need prompt attention in your home and workplace this year are:

  1. North- 5 yellow kiling star must be tempered this year. Place something metal- ideally five things in this area (a cluster of coins, 5 metal jugs or vases would do nicely).

  2. North East- 3 jade star. Needs fire lit daily (incense or a candle is fine). Alternatively, place a large piece of art coloured in reds or red carpet in this area. This will offer you protection in legal affairs.

  3. West- the 2 black star; avoid spending time in this area if possible. And again- metal is the enhancement to alleviate. Brass a good metal here- one large object placed in this direction will appease the energies and help positive life flow smoothly to you.

And on the bright side... the south east is BRILLIANT for wealth this year! I'll be sending subscribers a more detailed evaluation, complete with how to make the most of the auspicious flying stars... if you'd like to know more, and haven't already (oh how nice to meet new people! it's free!) please put your address in the sign-up box at the top of the page and info will be winging it's way to you vsoon.


Additional info:

In the Flying Star recommendations for 2009, the crystal Hematite Jasper is needed to balance the negative energy in the North East. Have you had trouble getting 8 pieces? If so, there are 2 alternatives: you can use Tigers Iron-within its formation jasper and hematite swirl with the tigers eye. Or use tumbled pieces of jasper with hematite, placed in a small pile. Eight pieces of hematite, and not more than eight of jasper.

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