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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Feel-good Food and great Feng Shui

Food, fitness and feeling good have alot to do with feng shui. I love to visit the Institute of Integrative Nutrition in New York online for their concepts on how to create harmony in the body through food which will enhance our lives.

May I share with you two of my favourite concepts from their form of nutrition that absolutely apply themselves most aptly to successful feng shui?

1. The concept of "Crowding out"

Integrative Nutrition says: that the reason so many diets fail, is because they limit or prohibit the foods we eat that we love, but which are unhealthy. The secret to successfully eating well is to ADD more vegetables, more healthy proteins, more quality fats and more wholegrains to our diet.

How it works: If you're eating an omelette and large vegie juice for breakfast with green tea and wholegrain toast, where are you going to find room to put the donut?

With a Feng Shui By the Sea perspective: many people are focused on the things that aren't working or perfect yet in their lives. Yet there are so many things that are going right! When we look at, talk about, and try to fix the problems in our life, they remain foremost in our minds and consequently, our experience.

How it works: By filling our minds each morning wih counting blessings and looking for the things we want to see all through the day, there's limited chance to focus on negative predictions, and life takes an upswing.

2. The concept of a "Does it work for you?" Food Journal.

Integrative Nutrition says: Foods have different effects on different people at different times. Keep a diary of what you eat, record how you feel when you eat it, then record how you feel two hours after.

With a Feng Shui By The Sea perspective: Different feng shui remedies work in different areas. When you are drawn to move furniture or bring a new piece into your home, note how you feel when you first position it, then note how you feel two hours after.

How it works for both: Impulse, habit, or the "norm" causes us to feel good in the short term, but in a very short period of time we know if something is truly right for us!

I'd like to add here the word chronic... any by the way, did you know this doesn't mean permanent, it comes from the word root "chron" meaning "over time"... what choices do you continually make in your home decor (or diet) that really you feel are not in alignment with the person you truly are inside?

Truly food for thought!

much love!

PS Don't you just love this little pic of "the happiest eggs in the world"! Had to show you! i bought them last week in Surfers Paradise from the nearby granite belt region of Queensland. what a beautiful marketing idea... such feel good energy.


Susette said...

Thank you for sharing such positive and helpful information,Samantha! Your insights are timely and presented with grace and beauty. So welcome right now~~

With Love and Light,

Samantha Honey said...

thank you Susette! I loved the quiz "what flower are you?" on your blog. I am a Daisy, Ms Daffodil!