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Monday, May 4, 2009

Freeing the secret self

"The most enlightened people in the world embrace their full potential of light and dark. When you're with people who recognize and own their negative qualities, you never feel judged by them. It's only when people see good and bad, right and wrong, as qualities outside themselves that judgments occur."

When I was 28 I learnt that...

... exploring what you consider to be the unlovable or shameful aspects of who you are will set you free. You might even enjoy owning these parts you always tried to keep secret!

Like the monsters under the bed that disappear when the lights come on, it is only by recognising our inherent innocence that we can learn to fully trust ourselves. We realise the only monsters under the bed are the ones we put there! And this re-found belief in our own innocence opens the door to real love.

what does your secret self constantly whisper about? could giving her her desire... set you free?
Have you decided to look for the monsters under your bed, and found anew life on the other side?
How many Saturn returns have you survived?

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