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Sunday, May 3, 2009

How you can tell if the Law of Attraction is working for You…

if you've subscribed- it's free! see box on top right hand side of page! that's the knowledge & education corner, by the way ;) - to the monthly newsletter, you'll have just received May's Cheat Sheet,
"How you can tell if the Law of Attraction is working for You…
And how to turn things around when it’s not."
And I've just realised....
in the cheat sheet,
we've got 5 great strategies for helping your desire come to you...
an understanding of how the Law of Attraction is always bringing us what we're feeling most strongly...
yet how DO you know if the Law of Attraction is working for you? (or more accurately, if you are working the Law of Attraction right?)
The answer is- you're enjoying everything you want in your life
And as soon as you desire something new, it enters your experience, easily and effortlessly.
love and much apppreciation to you!

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