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Sunday, May 10, 2009

On many things magic

I believe in magic. I believe that wishes come true. And I believe because there’s evidence all around us- when we really look to see...

Full moon last night- wasn’t it strong?- did you feel inner changes calling you, or did random events seemingly happen to you?

Went down to the ocean to get a picture- for tonight I’ll leave this wide sandy beach- and the full moon held a special message for lovers! Look carefully!

An Upside-down love heart hangs in the full moon sky
Love’s reflection in the water.. its time to say good-bye.

The sunrise this morning reminds us that every cloud holds a rose-gold lining; it’s not the most magnificent we’ve seen, but I did promise you:

Now, as I write, the last of the washing hangs in strong sunshine and flaps gently in the sea breeze. It’s another perfect, sunny day in paradise.

Don’t really know what else to say, except that I am blessed with my favourite way to travel in style, as will be whisked off in a few hours by emirates chauffeur service to Brisbane and then on through Singapore, Dubai, Gatwick and onto the Isle of Man. Woo hoo! I feel so blessed! Looking forward to one of these delicious flat bed seats!

Husby’s pictures from yesterday, acting like a siren-song, luring me away from golden sands to his distant land…

Point of Ayre: the Isle of Man has beaches too, it’s just not Surfer’s Paradise…


The weather forecast is wet, cold and windy,
And I can’t think of anywhere on earth I’d rather be.

To all Australian and US mummies; have a magical Mother’s Day!

May your road lead you home to those you love today.

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