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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lovers in London

I'm a sucker for a good love-story, aren't you? Not particularly tear-jerking or change the world original, but there is something very sweet about Kim & Josiah's engagement on the London Eye. Kim is very entertaining always, and here you can read she's just happy, happy happy.

Being excited for lovers and their delight is a wonderful way to attract more love of our own!
...perhaps I like this story so much because here on the gold coast, whether I'm running on the beach or out shopping, I'll (practically) run into it seems hordes of Asian tourists. They love to take pictures of things we take for granted: seagulls on the sand, the wide, empty ocean. I smile at the excited screams of the older men and ladies with trousers rolled up to ther knees- they get so excited as the waves rush around their feet. It's easy to become too amused!
Kim and Josiah's story reminds me that each day and every place is a miracle for someone- their life story unfolding. A dearly held dream comes true, at last, or a happy surprise is changing the life of everyone we see with a smile on their face, every time.
I love this thought.
Love and luck to you!

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