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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What won't you leave behind? (Feng Shui for Moving Home)

It makes me laugh! To see what precious things have survived a few years in storage to bring home!

What can’t you leave behind when you move countries?

Here’s some of mine…

Heirloom china, a wedding present from my auntie- isn’t this the most perfect cup for a relaxing brew...

Makes me feel like tea and biscuits.

Clever auntie! She has given us three cups and saucers, three side plates and two bowls, perfect set up for a tea party
Or a spot of tasseomancy...

This old-time juicer must have been quite a work of art!

I think of my great-grandmother bringing these things all the way to Australia from Ireland on the ship as part of her glory box. Now 100 years later, I wrap them carefully too, to take them back from Australia to our home in the Irish sea. Amazing!

Things a little less historic…

I have loved this rooster since 1999 when I found it in a charity store near Manly. Feng Shui says a rooster in your kitchen will protect your home from fire. And this one's so cheeky!

Shadow-box, bought in New York, which is a lovely way to create a vision board. Inside it right now is a picture of Husby as a little boy, and a tag from the St Helena Olive Oil company from a trip to Napa. Hmmm.. what is this attracting?

Finally- and we don’t know quite how to ship them, really... hand luggage?

The 4 Frangipanis- to activate abundance and prosperity, which have been hanging crookedly above my bed here and working their magic on the South East wall.

More in a few days when I’m all packed up!


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