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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Autumn palettes preview '08-09

I've just finished reading Fashion Babylon, by Imogen Edward-Jones & Anonymous. I am so not a fashionista! I have no clue about what is hot and not in the world of cutting-edge people. Luckily I have a fondness for anything white, despise wearing patterns and if in doubt, put on high heels. It's this 3 part dress-code that seems to keep me from looking completely clueless and probably just retro enough to scrape into a cool club in a hot city when neccessary. Or maybe not... i'll let you know when we visit Miami in a fortnight!

Anyway, Fashion Babylon was a great read; and it's got me thinking not just about clothes, but about our homes, trends, and the way we like to live now. Remember in the 1970's when dining tables featured built in Lazy Susans, reflecting society's passion for the dinner party? Together with the fondue-set, it was the quintessential equipment for a truly modern hostess! Deeper though, this trend spoke also about the values of the day: Comradeship and using technology instead of man-power were given more importance as families and neighbours got to experience new foreign influences.

We know this now, how design trends speak about what underlying energy we're really attracted to; we'll even predict it backwards, and here's what I mean. The trends upcoming for Autumn and Winter2008 (or 2009 if you're down under ;) , according to Texworld can be summed up in 4 words: Revive. Reflect. Preserve. Construct.

Aren't these key words of style also, the values of our society right now? Beautiful! Go visit for a great analysis:

The overall element of these palettes is Earth- a great choice for cooler weather (other versions of it's grounding energy nourishes us with root vegetables and sees us snuggling on overstuffed-sofas). But, interestingly, there's more than a splash of water, hinting that many of us dream of taking a break from dreary cold and sunning ourselves lightheartedly on a beach.

Perhaps one of the Winter key words of style will be Escape as our Autumn dreams become reality, and we'll be sporting sun-kissed skin under our woolly scarves... in true fashionista style!

Looking to refresh your space with the season's coming colours? A new paint job clears out old energy and brings in new opportunity- go for it!

pic from Absolutely Beautiful Things

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