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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The joy of Cake

Do you have a joy list?

A joy list will become your best friend, rescuing you from getting annoyed or disillusioned when some shmuck comes trying to rock your feng shui boat.

A joy list is easy and so fun to make. It's just this; a list of ten things that bring you joy when you think of them.

I keep a couple of Joy lists- one lives in my purse for when I'm out and something occurs which could make me feel negative. Helps in airport queues!

Before you accuse me of covering life's nasties with sugar-dust, remember the law of attraction!We are always receiving whatever we're a vibrational match to. Raise your vibration to the positive, and positive things are attracted to you. It doesn't matter what's actually going on around you. What matters is the vibration you're offering up.

Which brings me to the subject of Cake. Cake is always on my Joy List, and we're off to a birthday party this afternoon. Aren't childrens birthday parties just the most wonderful fun? I heart... tiny girls in pretty dresses.. gorgeous decorations.. rowdy boys killing the pinatas... and cake. When was the last time you had a slice of a beautifully frosted, cream filled sponge? Mmm, heaven!

This afternoon it'll be a disney theme number...

And in a fortnight (sooo exciting!) it will be key-lime pie, in Key West itself, looking out to the Caribbean... never mind the sunsets, never mind swimming in the beautful ocean, nevermind walking on the beach with happy husby...

I'm loving thinking about the cake!

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