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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Got style?

a calm hallway, via paris apartment

Happy new week, everyone! Have you ever wondered, What does your decor style say about you?
Does your blend of famiy heirlooms, childhood knick-knacks and market finds define your look as "Absolutely Fabulous", "Funky Modern", "International Chic" or "City Sophisticate" ? Take the test- it's great fun!

Here in Doha, the home of Feng Shui by the Sea is all grey tiles, with crazy wall angles and aluminium everywhere (from the stair balaustrades to the window frames) It's unfolded that I've blended old wood pieces from India and Indonesia with retro-style lamps, bold-pattern prints in dark frames to liven up the walls, and many colourful tea light candes together with plants to add warmth and a sense of life to an interior Husby, upon arriving, announced "looks like a prison".

The look works, somehow... We're moving and it proves not economical to ship our interior; so we decided to sell it off. Our friends from across the compound, freshly moved into their own version of "the prison", came over to check out what we had on offer. "We'll take the lot," they said. :))

What a compliment! And they don't even know the whole interior's been put togeher to create good feng shui, too... It'll be a nice benefit for their new life in the desert. I think I'll keep it a secret... and look forward to stories of how they get on once we're gone.

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