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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Law of Attraction strikes again

We tend to only remember the Law of Attraction when something goes really, really right in our lives. We look around and think, "Wow! I must have created all this! (I wonder if I can do it again?)"

But really, as Esther Hicks says so well, calling the Law of Attraction a "secret" is like calling gravity a "secret". It's no secret. It's an energetic, physical law: Like attracts like. Whatever you're getting in your life is a direct reflection of the vibration you're putting out- unwittingly or not.

The "secret" we all have to unlock, is discovering exactly what sort of vibration we're omitting! So when things go the way we want them-- it's a great opportunity to look back on the past few days of your life and discover what energy you've activated to bring your desired outcome into eventuation.

Here's an example... it's no secret to any of you that I love to travel in style! Give me business class, french champagne, and email in the sky, and I'll circumnavigate the globe at 25,000 feet indefinitely. So when we discovered that there was no availability to fly back business class for any number of days around the time we'd be leaving the middle east, Husby and I were more than a little disappointed.

Determined to keep my emotions high & happy in the last chaotic few days, knowing "Feeling good is creating our happy future", i purposefully kept looking at my joy list and focused on the excitement that rested in the future, once all the boxes and bags had been shipped.. not only that, I kept hopeful. Expecting good things to happen. Expecting to travel in luxury.

And what do you know? Business class tickets came through at the last minute, and we were even upgraded to first class for the initial leg of the journey. It really confirmed just how powerful it is to feel good, and just how, like the universal law that it is, it attracts more good things towards you to feel the same way.
Happy new week to you!

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