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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Having it all

Ever played the game "Wouldn't it be nice if...?"

I love this fantasy game and it's purpose is to soften the resistence you're feeling towards anything you'd like to attract into your life but haven't yet received.

It's not a question of do you deserve it. Of course you deserve it! The question is, Can you allow it to happen to you?

It's getting me playing now...

Wouldn't it be nice if seats became available so we could fly business class next week?

Woudn't it be nice if we were offered the home we've lived in before, and everything surrounding the move was smooth and easy?

Wouldn't it be nice if packing up our house here and our transition out of the middle east was so simple, fast and fun?

Wouldn't it be nice if this whole experience brought Husby and I even closer together?

Wouldn't it be nice if 3 weeks in Florida was filled with fun and new discoveries, less work, more play, and we had the best business-cation of our lives?

What would be nice if it happened for you?

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