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Monday, July 7, 2008

An Arabian moment?

Guess where this stunning design originates?

Discovered on oh!joy's blog (she's in the "we love" column, to the left), it immediately took my fancy, with it's strong metal energy, as a fantastic bar to drink at for Helpful Friends, Fun and Creativity energy.

And yet it looked strangely familiar... has FSBTS seen this in Abu Dhabi, or Dubai, with it's uber modern, arabic-ish theme?

When I learned that the designers are Australian, namely the hugely Bernabeifreeman , I remember now... it's somewhere in Paddington, Sydney!- but the night we saw it in person must have been so full of good chi, I'm stumped if I can remember the location.

Great feng shui, one could say ;)


actually as we discover they've done many places in Sydney, and gorgeous ones at that, no wonder it's such a fab energy city!


At Home Redesigns said...

Beautiful graphics...

Samantha Honey said...

Thanks, Mary! I want one of your badges!