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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Feng Shui corporate a-news-ment

Today's reports:

Harmony out of window after elephants removed from room

By Jonathan Russell
Last Updated: 12:57am BST 02/07/2008

Orange's founder, Hans Snook, is long gone from the mobile phone company but the feng shui enthusiast's legacy has lived on for years in the reception area of its Bristol HQ.

Well, at least it did, until the new chief of staff Steven Day ordered the removal of two small, feng-shui ceramic elephants as part of his new broom approach.

The outcome?
The building was struck by lightning that night and had a flood the next day.


According to

"In feng shui, elephants are... used as house keepers and guardians. This way, their powers can be used in combination. Whenever a person needs to attract power or maintain it within their office, they can place an elephant near the front door since it would not only help him achieving it but also keeping him and the power he gains safe.

Symbolic elephants can also be used according to the materials and elements they contain in their structure in order to achieve the proper balance within an environment. This way, whenever one of the five main elements (earth, water, wood, fire and metal) is needed in order to harmonize a space as well as strength, power or wisdom are needed, placing an elephant which contains it can be a great solution."


In sum:
It was perfectly practical for Steven Day to want to replace the Orange founders power animals. But he could have placed his own personal feng shui enhancements first, protecting himself and the whole company from any sudden change.

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