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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crystals + Feng Shui = Success Assured

If you have talked to me recently about feng shui, you'll know how in awe I am of the 9 semi-precious stones now part of every single Feng Shui By The Sea consultation, used to activate seriously powerful energy changes.

(I discovered this through practical application in clients homes and in my own life; they are particularly effective for travellers or people "on the move". Then, a few months ago I attained deeper understanding of just why the crystals are so powerful through Melody's Love is in the Earth Master of Crystology training in Somerset.)

But it's always great to have yet another confirmation! So this little article kindly popped into my email box today. It seems the £90 million Manchester City Stadium, in the name of feng shui, has had a crystal burying-ceremony. Precious stones have been placed beneath the playing field at key energy areas- like under the turf of the centre circle- so it's home teams can pull in the trophies. Here's the full scoop:

This is guaranteed success. Wouldn't you rather play on a field you know has been energised to help you win? I'm looking forward to the results of the Man City teams playing at home this season!

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