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Thursday, April 24, 2008

Feng Shui & Balance for good health

The energies of the day consist of a measurement of each of the five elements- Fire. Earth. Metal. Water. Wood.

It's like each day is... bolognese sauce. (What?) Yes! Every day's like a fresh-made bolognese sauce. The recipe's the same, same ingredients, same prep technique's been used, but when you taste it, one day it's saltier. Another day it's spicier. Another day, sweeter.

So as your "bolognese sauce" day unfolds, and you notice it doesn't taste just right, what do you need to do? Add the right ingredient - the right element- to make it the way you like it.

Okay, so, real-life example:

Problem: You notice today... you feel lack-lustre. You've forgotten what you're doing this (job, project) for anyway. Life feels hum-drum.

Cure: Your "Bolognese"- ie, your day, needs Fire energy. Bring out the candles tonight, put on your red lingerie, pour yourself a glass of red wine or go for a visit to the sauna. Adds inspiration and new zest for living.

Problem: You notice today... nobody seems to understand you. You're not getting any emails. No-one seems to be returning your calls. You can't concentrate.

Cure: Your day needs Metal energy. Hop in your car at lunchtime and listen to your favourite music. Call a friend you haven't spoken to in ages. Plan your next holiday. All of these boost communication & helpful friends energy.

Problem: You notice today... you've only got so many resources, and everyone wants a piece of you! You feel dumped on by others' duties and responsibilities. You realise you haven't moven in the direction you wanted to go, in ages!

Cure: Your day needs Water energy. Drink some cool water, and find a picture of a waterfall to look at for a few minutes to relax your eyes. Draw yourself a long bath- this all restores an even flow to your life and bring personal power.

Problem: You notice today... your mind's full of worry. Family issues or your health seem more important or urgent than usual.

Cure: Your day needs Wood energy. Ask your lover to bring you home bunch of fresh-cut flowers or buy some yourself. Spend some time relaxing around trees and in nature. Arrange your flowers or a display of fruit beautifully in your home. These activate family, health and abundance chi.

Problem: You notice today... you're forgetful. Or you're fixated or one person or situation that makes you mad. Or you're fidgety, argumentative and inneffective.

Cure: Your day needs Earth energy. Carry a quartz crystal around with you, and eat foods that come from the ground if you can, such as a baked potato or lentil soup. These actions have excellent stabilising qualities and help things get done.

Enjoy your perfect-tasting day!


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NGUYEN said...

These tips are interesting and not difficult to do.
Thank you for sharing with us!
I love your blog!