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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Love cures all

Remember Feng Shui nightmare, revisited- that electric blue bug zapper husby bought me a few days ago? It's terrible feng shui for our love area, you'll recall.

Well, something strange has happened...

Husby doesn't seem all that thrilled with our new appliance. He seems almost... superstitious about it. I notice he's barely turned it on at all, and hasn't spoken about it once since we had words about how it maybe could/probably would destroy our relationship. It's almost as if he's pretending it's not there at all...


Meanwhile, I decided to embark on a feng shui experiment to cure any love chi that wouldn't be living here anymore. Since the bug zappers installation, I've incorporated one feng shui action or ritual to increase the love energy in our lives, into our day.

Remember I told you there was no placement to remedy the thing? Plants or a windchime wouldn't do it, and we couldn't relocate it? In this instance, if it can't be the energy of the surrounds that can overcome negativity, it's the actions we bring to that area of life that will recreate balance.

Experiment results? Outstanding! An action per day may have been overdoing it: we've been getting on better than ever before. But if you sympathised with me at all at the idea of love going out the door... or want to use a great activity to power up your own love & relationships area... I recommend the below.

To create more passion and playfulness in a love relationship, or to draw a love interest closer to you:
Surprise your love interest by leaving rose petals sprinkled all over their bed, or draw them a bath, with instead of bubbles, rose petals floating on top. Dark red roses create the most powerful passion chi in this ritual as they most strongly represent the element Fire.

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