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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For Lovers and Soon-to-be's

Why do girls love getting flowers?

Because it softens our heart.
It reminds us of our true nature, of beauty and love and peace.
It tells us to relax.

There is no way of saying more clearly to a woman “I think you’re beautiful. I trust you. I treasure you.”

Feng-shui wise, with their gentle wood energy, flowers are a natural de-charger. The softness and delicacy of their petals soothe fractured chi. Their presence enhances communication, the surest way to overcome misunderstandings.

When a man gives a woman flowers, it represents his own vulnerability. He is unconsciously asking the woman to adore, admire and care for his own unique and special beauty. He is saying, I love you. Love me, too?

Many of the flowers Husby brings me are picked off a bush he’s walked past. It reminds me of when I used to go for walks as a little girl and always bring my mummy back a different flower. Alot of them were weeds, but she always acted delighted! It almost makes me cry when he presents me with some strange bud he’s plucked from the side of the road. Such a sweet gesture, as if saying, “This is all I have to show you I think you’re beautiful. I love you. Love me too?”

Of course I do. More every day.

In front of me, his gift from yesterday, a long-stemmed red rosebud (the bit of my brain that says, "where did he nick this one from?" I'm telling to be quiet), slowly opens.

I remember when I didn’t know if I’d ever receive flowers again, from anyone I cared about. Feeling lonely, washed up and so single, to look around now at the love in my life and back at the amazing turn of events since then, I feel truly blessed. This feeling inspires me to write about the changes of mind and energy that caused such a complete turnaround, and if you’re single, the same changes will do the same for you.

The way to love is a journey, and if we keep stepping in the right direction, we’ll arrive at our destination.

Would you like to begin a journey to more love in your life?

  1. Ask to receive a flower from your lover today.
    If you’re lover-less, bring yourself a beautiful bloom.

  2. Open your heart to love every time you look at it.

This is the first way.

more will follow! feng shui for love... happens. Yipppeeee!!!

with love to you,


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