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Sunday, April 6, 2008

South & The Fame Game

The South is a tricky area this year according to Flying Star feng shui. We should not sit directly facing it, do renovations there, or use this direction as our main door. Ignoring the flying stars can lead to the activation of powerfully negative energy which brings unlucky circumstances in 2008.

But what if you actually want to enhance this area without drawing bad luck? The South direction is vital for anyone in the media industry, actors, artists, and those who make their business from “word of mouth” referrals, as well as anyone looking to ascend their corporate ladder. It represents “Fame”- as in, “Good fame & character”, or Personal Success.

Inspecting the south area of my home this morning, things looked bleak. There's a drain blocked up with leaves and what looks like a years worth of dust blown in from all over the compound... and I really- as in, reallyreallyreallyreally and truly) want to power-up the energy of the South this year, for publication of two books- Feng Shui By The Sea's Love Secrets and Feng Shui By The Sea's Abundance Secrets ASAP, and the book tours and promotions that will be so enjoyable to do with them.
Q. So, what to do?
A. Nothing short of the best-celebrity feng shui enhancements you’ve used before, Samantha- and some black hat feng shui, too!

If you have a creative goal too, and want to win your own “Fame Game” this year; here they begin...

  1. To guard against bad luck, hang a metal wind-chime in this direction. A three-legged Pi- Yao (traditional feng shui statue) will also keep this area peaceful.
  2. The element EARTH should be used to keep the Flying Star energy steady whilst you empower the natural FIRE energy of the south. Place terracotta pots or natural rocks in the area for this.
  3. THE best way to attract Fame in the South is to hang a round, convex mirror, which allows your work to be spread to the largest number of people, in exceptionally good energy. If you can’t find a convex mirror, any round mirror with a gold or silver frame will also work well.

4. Red (the usual choice) is too strong for the direction this year. So decorate with shades of rich purple or mahogany, which can also bring Wealth from Fame, unlike many reality TV shows.

5. Placing plants in this direction which don’t need much maintenance (a large indoor ficus is a good choice, as it likes being left alone) inspires creativity and enhances communication skills with the addition of the element Wood to the fire direction of the South.

In practise, to re-work the anti-fame energy at my house, here's what I've done: Four big sandstone blocks in the South area stop dusty leaves skipping up the driveway now. A metal wind-chime sways in the breeze, and there’s a conifer in a wicker basket placed here. Inside, upstairs and reflecting another plant (remember, your mirror should always reflect something you’d like more of in your life, and not stairs, the front door, a bathroom or rubbish bin) a silver-framed round mirror invites Personal Success chi… as well as the black hat cures I’ve recommended for my actor clients in Australia, below:

There are two other very effective feng shui techniques which will turn the Law of Attraction to working towards your increased Fame & Personal Success to go with these recommendations, which I want to share with you in my free newsletter. Tick the box when you open this link, and you’ll be on my mailing list to receive them.

Love and looking forward to your autograph!


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