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Friday, April 18, 2008

No arguments.

Because it's so important to remind ourselves of the basics... 101 things that really matter to create a good-energy life.

If fighting's a problem in your home:

  1. Make sure all sharp objects, like knives and scissors, are kept out of sight in every room, especially the kitchen; the hub of family communication.

  2. Go into the space each family member frequents. Have a look to see whether any sharp corners are pointing in the direction which they sleep or towards where they like to sit on a regular basis. Soften these corners by covering with a brightly coloured cloth, placing a plant in front, or moving the offending furniture.

  3. Lose all the cactus and spiny plants in the house. No ifs or buts- they've got to go!

These three little actions will dramatically cut the Sha'chi, or negative energy in your home. They will reduce the "prickliness" of an individual and stop "finger pointing" and "needling" among family members. Share the symbolism of what you've done with all your family, and watch their faces light up with understanding. This in itself is priceless :)



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