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Sunday, April 13, 2008

My Margaritaville

Margaritaville. I first heard the song on a rainy, windswept morning cosy in bed on the Isle of Man. I hardly knew that soon I'd be living in Caribbean, where the rum punch and calypso music would be the only man-made things of beauty that surrounded me for a few months.

And last night we enjoyed a lovely few hours in Margaritaville, Doha.
Have you been? It's the place where you've got friends with a blender and a bottle of tequila (or in this case, vodka).

You can't make Margaritas and drink them on your own. I know Jimmy Buffet tried to. But Margaritas are twinned with with celebration and good times. You can take the tequila out and replace it with vodka, line the rim with salt, sugar, or nothing at all. Add strawberries, lime or lemon, but anywhichway you blend it up, the icy sour slush... together with the fun company it never fails to attract, creates a special place in space and time- and there you have it- your own Margaritaville.

Good feng shui is the pursuit of positive energy. A happy life is a string of happy moments.
Jimmy Buffet wasn't happy with his Margaritaville- it didn't have the real essence- because he was alone.

Recipe for a happy life?

  • Find someone that makes you happy.
  • Then you two someones find more someones that make you happy.
  • Have margarita nights.

Recipe for Heidi's margaritas?

  • Triple Sec
  • Vodka
  • Lime margarita mix
  • Plenty of ice

Feng Shui for Love happens- Here's how:
A rose quartz carried with you attracts more love from all sources into your life. Couple it up by carrying a clear quartz with you too, and you'll have fun whilst attracting more love.

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