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Friday, April 18, 2008

The Three types of Luck

Because it's so important to remind ourselves of the basics, 101 things that really matter to create a good-energy life.

1. Feng Shui is the third type of cosmic energy that can bring us fortune. The first, and most powerful, is, unfortunately, out of our control. It is the destiny forecast or stars we were born under, called Heaven Luck.

The second cosmic energy is Man Luck. We are all familiar with this; it's epitomised in the saying, "The harder I work, the luckier I get." When we take advantage of our opportunities and succeed, this is good Man Luck.

The final cosmic energy of influence in all our lives is Feng Shui- the power of placement. Although of less influence than the first two, it is an essential force that, when tapped, can significantly alter our Life's Fortune.

I recently did a feng shui personal report for a client who had enjoyed excellent success when her home and office was feng shui'ed in San Francisco. Life is hiccuppng along in her new location, and she wanted some more flow. After looking at her Heaven Luck with a short Four Pillars of Destiny reading (Four Pillars is a school of feng shui primarily concerned with dates and timings), I was overwhelmed with her savviness to get feng shui on side. Without the proper support of Heaven- because she wasn't, like most of us, born under the luckiest stars- she was having a hard time relying on her Man Luck alone!

Now, with feng shui recommendations to put in place, she will have two out of the three cosmic energies on her side, and will find life has alot more to offer her.

Do you begin to see how even the smallest change to improve the feng shui in your home can bring you more good luck in life?

P.S. How are you doing with your Gratitude journal- the single most powerful enhancement I've ever encountered to increase the abundance in our lives? Have you attracted some lovely new things?

Remember to really feel the powerful emotion of thanks for whatever it is you've got- or would like to have- in your life when you're making your list of tn things for which you're grateful for each morning. That feeling is your one connection to the universe- it's what's real, and all else of this life is simply the stage and play you've created from that.

blessings to you-


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