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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Feng Shui & Crystals

You may think that you can’t attract good feng shui in an expat home because you’re in transition, you don’t have the furniture or accessories you want here, and you’re not willing to get anything specific. I do urge you, if this is the case, to pick up some crystals which are small and easy to carry, but in my experience will bring you excellent and very powerful energy in the home.

The most important ones are mentioned below.

Hematite in 2008 is particularly important as it activates a lovely romance and career flying star when placed in the west.
Ideally, four pieces should be placed in each direction: South West, North West, South East, and North east, together with a lucky coin (any lucky coin picked up on your travels, and especially one with a hole in the middle) placed in the centre of the home. This is the powerful “Taiyang” enhancer.

Rose quartz in the centre of the home in 2008 ensures good health and prevents accidents. In general it is a stone which attracts loving energy exchange in relationships.

Clear quartz crystals, in your love corner, and also the East, are excellent to keep fresh energy moving through, bringing happiness and laughter. A hanging clear quartz crystal enhances fertility.

Sodalite is a water stone which can be used to enhance abundance instead of a water feature or fish tank. Also good for health.

Citrine- the money stone- makes abundance easy to come by and financial matters more enjoyable.

Amethyst is the Helpful Friends & Travel stone. Enhances communication skills, intuitive abilities and is an excellent supporter of women’s health.

Lastly, no home should be without a piece of Jade or Tigers eye for protection. Both at the front door are excellent protectors.

I have stock of all these stones should you wish to place them in your home. Please email me to should you want them for your home.

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