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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Archangel Michael's Day & how it can help you.

Calling all Angels!  Tomorrow marks the feast of Archangel Michael & all Angels ~ celebrating the day Michael triumphed Lucifer in heaven, banishing him to earth, and leading to Michael's role as Chief Angelic Protector and dispeller of Darkness.

Here's how it works for you:  Call upon Michael either silently or aloud tomorrow to protect you and all you love from negativity in any of it's forms in the coming months.  Have you been suffering any anxiety, fear, sadness, anger or resentment now the warmer sunnier days are fewer?  Tomorrow, especially, is an opportunity for us to ask Archangel Michael to protect the beauty we have in our life we treasure so dearly.

Did you know that as a healer or health professional, Archangel Michael can assist with protection against draining people (my hairdresser calls them "Energy Vampires"!) ?  A technique Doreen Virtue teaches is at the end of the day, closing one's eyes and asking AAMichael to, with silver scissors, "cut the psychic cords" these individuals have plugged in to us to drain off our positive energy.  

Angel blessing and beautiful good health to you!

P.S  An old saying goes that to eat a goose on Michaelmas (tomorrow, feast of Michael & All angels) and you'll be prosperous all winter through.  We have some beautiful semi-wild geese living near our home, and I love the strength and beauty of these creatures- we won't be eating one.  However, the GOOSE has amazing messages for us when it appears in our life (like, when we spot one) as an animal totem.  Tomorrow I'll share just what it means and why meditating on the image of a goose is a powerful way to divine your own future.


Sabrina said...

Thanks for sharing! Will keep in mind :-)

love + light

Samantha Honey said...

super, Sabrina! Have you ever had an uncanny healing experience? I invite you to post it here: all comments received today & tomorrow will receive a beautiful thank you gift. Share your experience, please!