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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Heart Breathes ~ a visualisation to stop negativity in it's tracks

I am a big fan of Jena La Flamme,  director of Jena's welless centre in New York City and founder of Pleasureable Weight Loss.  Just recently on her site here, I found an inspiring visualisation I'm so looking forward to sharing with you.  

When could you use this?

Jena and her mother-in-love talk here about using this visualisation en-route to the refrigerator to stop cravings in their tracks.  I'd like to ask you to use this anytime you feel drawn to your negative habit, whether it's physical or emotional.  

If we could, in the split second before getting upset, yelling, closing down, or slamming that door... turn inwards, towards our heart.
Perhaps adding the beautiful colour in nature of green, in any or all of it's healing hues, feeding & feeling the heart chakra...

We will connect once more to the gentle wisom and infinite love that supports us all, and guides us to better choices.

I wish you love today.

Have you ever experienced an open-heart moment that completely melted anxiousness, fear or negativity for you?  Do share, below!

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