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Friday, September 23, 2011

Your life by the Sea... Raquel "Wildflower" Jajeda

I believe this came from the very cool Karey M

Happy Friday, beautifuls!  and happy first day of Autumn!  Images of falling leaves whooshed around by darting winds are in my mind, and here I'd love to share with you the very personal and special journey of a fellow classmate at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, Raquel Wolf-Jajeda.  In reading Raquel's lovely words I get a sense that her life never stands still for very long!  Not only is she working full-time in the field of emergency management in New York, but she is devoted to spending quality time with her family, learning more everyday about holistic nutrition and health studies, and nurtures her dream to help underpriviledged children and their 
mothers in India.

I love Raquels story and am deeply grateful for her generosity in sharing it.  Do check out her website , where she urges us to Dare to Dream and Connect within.  On her facebook page often shares interesting international links and thoughts. So, here's her life by the sea- Manhattan is an island, after all!- Raquel W. Jadeja – Happy & Healthy Naturally

1.What have been the highlights of your career so far?

I am fortunate to have an extensive and varied professional background yet this is still a very hard question to answer! First and foremost, a major highlight for me was starting my own business at the age of 22. At that time, my husband and I opened our first restaurant in NYC called WildFlower. This 45 seat bistro and wine bar taught us countless life lessons, shaped our characters and gave us a community – truly the experience of a lifetime! I am honored to say that even though we sold WildFlower 5 years ago, we still maintain many of the friendships born out of that restaurant and are reminded by those friends (once fans) how special that time was. 
    A Magnolia Bakery cupcake thanks to k. Raquel's "moment in time" bistro, Wildflower, was also in Greenwich Village NYC 
Fast forwarding, I had the privilege recently of sitting on a speaker’s panel at a conference organized by Columbia University School of Public Health confronting what Day 3 following a Hurricane in our region would look like. The other panelists included heath officials from Long Island and Connecticut!

2. What are you looking forward to having happen next?
I am most looking forward to unraveling the many layers of being a Holistic Health Coach and the many lives I have begun touching. Our planet is experiencing a shift in energy right now; creation is happening all around us. Holistic health, nutrition – this thought process – is all a part and I’m thrilled to 
play a role in that!

3. Have you ever experienced an interaction with the spirit world? What was this like for you?
YES.  The first and most brilliant was following the death of my grandfather when I was 5 years old. While spending the night with my grandmother, I went down the stairs before anyone else in the house was awake. When I reached the bottom, my grandfather’s spirit was sitting in a chair looki
ng at me – a second later he smiled. Frightened, I turned around and ran back upstairs! For several years after that, I felt my grandfather with me, watching over me – serving as an invisible friend. 

    4. Describe your dream day... tomorrow; and 5 years from now
      Tomorrows goals include:
        • traveling with my family
        • finding greater time management balance

        When looking ahead five years, I see myself fulfilling my dream of working to feed malnourished children and women in India. 

        India is a place that is home to the richest of the rich and the poorest of the poor with a great acceptance for the hand life has dealt you. Child labor laws do not exist and millions go hungry. I hope to make a difference one community at a time and create change that will affect future generations. So when I look ahead, I see myself with these children and their mothers - helping, celebrating one another and rejoicing.

        How does Raquel's time line of past accomplishments, present challenges and future dreams help you consider your own journey?  I'd love to know!

        Do you have any words for Raquel?
        ... please share, below!

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