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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Autumn's healing prediction~ lemongrass

Following the path; this morning I want to share with you inspiration stemming ;) from a fresh Crate & Barrel newsletter which announces the 'colour of the season' as Lemongrass.  There's something important here regarding the way we are thinking in the world right now.  

from Designer's Guild

Remember back, when we discovered- ages ago now! here- that the colours of a season reflect mood, feelings and thoughts from our collective unconscious? 

How wonderful that the 'colour of the season' is also herbal remedy, a grass for healing.  

In traditional medicine, lemongrass is used for relief of headaches and migraines and staving off colds & flu; one study shows when taken as a herbal tea - wonderful on these blustery days- it's as effective as aspirin.

Lemongrass aromatherapy oil  soothes muscular aches and pains, and is an antidote for boredom, overwork, nervous exhaustion and sulkiness.
Mummies and mommies, sounds like just the tonic after storms and fretful school holidays!

In feng shui,the dull chartreuse resonates to the North-East, knowledge direction, promising that this autumn could bring hard work, as well as few learning curves, but health and communication are strengthened by it's positive, grounded energy.

What emotion or feelings does the colour Lemongrass stir in you? 

to me... it cheers no end, and promises that the cooler months ahead can be fun, too. This autumn, I'm going to make it a touchstone of my cooking, in fragrant curries, creamy chicken & fish stews and bracing vegetable stirfries.  Not naturally local to this chilly British Isle, I'll call up the lovely Dot Price, treasurer of our Farmer's Market, on 470 507; who grows most everything one could wish for, here.

What can the energy of Lemongrass help you with, this Autumn?

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