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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Share & recipe- Being Gwyneth

So we had a beautiful walk and took this gorgeous pic- who would know it is only 16 degreesC?  sure looks tropical! 

 Then I, with basket on arm, in floaty skirt went to the market to recreate, for a delicious, end-of-summer Sunday lunch, this:  Gwyneth Paltrow's Lobster Club Salad.
Gwyneth's Lobster Club Salad, recipe and picture from Red

Tiger Prawn Club- Samantha Honey-Pollock :)

I don't have Gwyn's gorgeous children but I do have some gorgeous ways to improv. (that's improvise, darlings!) on her recipe.  The pic above, from Red magazine, doesn't look to contain bacon. It does in Gwyn's recipe.   Do you see any up there? it's not that dark purple stuff, is it?

In my version here   --> and I know, yes, of the delicious marriage which is soft white seafood and crispy, salty bacon, but you know it's not really a recipe until you make it your own, is it?- I've ditched Gwyn's bacon and onions and instead completed my salad with sliced beets and grilled fennel.

I like to think that the crunchy astringent taste of the fennel and the soft sweet bitterness of the beets gives a main-course like feeling to a very prettily arranged salad... but it doesn't.  The show-stopper here is the bite of lobster (or tiger prawn, flash-fried- sorry, but the lobsters all looked sad today at the store) and avocado.  Both spritzed with lemon juice, and there's definitely the hint of garlic about it...these two bits were chased right off the plate, leaving the char grilled fennel, beets- and probably bacon, if we'd gone that way- behind.

What do you think about Gwyneth Paltrow's identity as a lifestyle maven?  Here's a nice piece and a sarky piece with their views.  Do you think lobster is an extravagant food?  And did you know if you're not eating lobster two or three times a week, you should make sure your salt contains iodine... iodine deficiency is becoming more common and can lead to thyroid issues.  Sea vegetables are another good source in our diets.

Be well!
with love,

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