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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Lighten Up Whisper: Choose your "Big Yes"

You can. Say no. via Kate Spade
Here's your Lighten up whisper this Wednesday, beautifuls!  (what, it's Thursday already? oh but I know you'll find this worth waiting for...)

Have you heard the saying, “it’s easy to say No when there’s a bigger Yes inside of you”? Really absorbing this gorgeous truism means you will never, ever be tempted by a food you really don’t want, again.  Because what's your bigger yes?  A body you love.

It's like the saying, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels". Someone offers you chocolate cake. Or a fudge-y, steaming sticky toffee pudding covered in double cream. Or a lick of Rum'n'raisin/Banoffee/Strawberry cheesecake icecream. Or a cream-filled profiterole. Or a mini hot-dog. Or french fries. “No, thanks,” you say, instantly. Your host pouts. It’s a personal rejection for them. You smile, reach over, and give them a big hug. “Looks delicious, though,” you say.

Feels good? This is where you’re choosing your big Yes. And it’s easy to say no. Why?  I’ve always got a million reasons, if I'm put under pressure. You can have any number of excuses, too.  My very favourite is, “Well, doesn’t that look delicious. But not for me.”

When we say, nothing tastes as good as thin feels; I'm not saying one must be thin to be happy. I'm saying, nothing on earth can possibly masquerade anymore as the one thing you truly desire. So substitute the “thin” for whatever it is you truly want when faced with temptation. Choose your “Big Yes”.

How does connecting with your big Yes help you say "No" where you need to?  Try it and share, below!

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