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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Autumn Equinox: Celebrating the harvest


Join me dear friends, to celebrate the abundance we've enjoyed this summer on a powerful day of the year:  Autumn Equinox.  The Autumn, or September equinox ; marks the changing of the season from Summer to Autumn here in the northern hemisphere, and from Winter to Spring in the southern.

When does it occur?
On Friday, September 23, at 10.04am in London and all British Summertime zones;
19.04pm Australia East coast time
5.04am US East coast time
2.04am US West coast time
1.04pm Middle East time

Why is it so especially powerful?
At this time, the length of night and day are equal in the world.  It's also reputed that an egg can stand balance upright, unsupported, for an hour each side of the Equinox.

I'm making a fuss of this day because I'm an advocate that life is easier when the universe is supporting us.  When your kitchen pantry is full of staples with which you can whip a delicious meal up so simply if friends drop by unexpectedly; and your home is relatively clean and arranged with the touch of feng shui; you're more able to adopt opportunities as they arise and re-discover inner balance when outside effects rock your boat.  Awareness of the moon and it's cycles, and the energy of the seasons, guides you towards spontaneous right action. 

"To everything there is a season, a time for every purpose under the sun."  Ecclesiates 3:1

How to celebrate
This day- and perhaps Thursday evening, if it is happening very early Friday morning for you, is a time for psychically "taking stock" of all you've gathered this season.  Think back to June.  What have been the changes of place, mood, the ebbs and flows of people in your life?  Pull out your journal, diary or calendar, and just look at the important occasions and milestones you've experienced since then!  Consider how the season has led you further along your path.

Whichever hemisphere you're in, the Equinox calls us to welcome the new into our life.  It's a time for beginning a project that will inspire and nourish us in the months ahead.  Here in the northern hemisphere it may be a nurturing past-time enjoyed indoors in the warmth.  In the Southern hemisphere, arranging a regular outside picnic in the park with friends could become a way to lead you on a joyous path of growth.

More traditional ways to celebrate include Feasting with friends and family on local, seasonal foods, or weaving or purchasing a basket to use in the coming season instead of shopping bags (this is a nod to the Goddess Demeter, whom the Ancient Greeks believed blessed their crops and harvest with health and abundance).  You could light a candle, fill your basket with fresh picked local flowers, fruit and veg, and ask Demeter, any divine Goddess, the Angels or Spirit to gift it with abundance for the coming season.  It would be beautifully auspicious to keep this basket at your workplace for others to share, or to gift it to a friend who struggles to make ends meet.  Giving thanks with a gratitude list, meditation or day-dream session are also powerful activities.

One more thing I wanted to share with you; whether you choose candlelight, feasting or gratitude; prayers and the identification of new desires and dreams is essential.

Do you feel the need to connect a share in beauty and love at this time?  Wherever we are in the world, as we experience an equal length of day, you and I are closer than ever in our collective experience.  Below is a channelling of St Germain by Alexandra Mahlimay; I will be including it in my prayers for our collective harmony, this Friday, and you may like to, too!

"Enough of you value harmony and flow now, that you will find it easy to come together. You have reached a critical mass. Soon, this will allow you to build a world that is supportive of your needs, without having to struggle to do it. But first there is a clearing away of that which no longer serves you, and this can be disconcerting. When this happens, don’t be fooled. Be patient, instead. 

Whenever you fall into doubt, remember the orchestra and ask yourself this: When one musician meets another who values harmony as much as the first – is it not natural for them to unite in their love of music and create something together that neither could do separately?If your answer to this question is “yes,” then know that this response will serve you well – for this is the spirit that will build your New World. "

Do you have a "Seasons change" ritual?
What special offering will you make to bless & honour your journey in the months to come?
Do share below!

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