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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

At home, abroad.

You know you're an expat when...

And it's not just ex-pats.  Us in LDRs (long distance relationships); who work away on contract or those-oh-so-lucky-ones- MHFJ's  (multiple-homes-frequent-jetsetters) will feel some synergy here too.

There are many more funny and well-thought out expat posts than this, but on this grey, cold, summers-end day when our minds and conversation turn to sunnier climes, here's what springs to mind...

You know you're an expat when..

  • You see a familiar face on the street and struggle to remember which country you last saw it in...
  • You know what time it is Right Now in three or more time-zones...
  • Your cravings never get the better of you... because they don't make that in the country you're now in!  (gettin' personal...  from the middle east I crave moutabel and paper-soft pita bread, real tabbouli, & omm ali... From the caribbean; "Doubles"- that's channa in a chickpea flour pancake; the world's best crab cakes, and carib beer... From Australia, mangoes the colour of sunset and ginger gummy bears... which expat food do you miss the most?)

  • Your expatriated home phone still has on speed-dial  restaurants and pizza delivery you may never eat from again...
  • When you get a lovely email message to pass on to your most treasured female friends, your list spans the globe...

this post was prompted by a bathroom cabinet clear out and finding the same brand of sunscreen with different price labels:  from Blue Bayou pharmacy, 14 .... Trinidad & Tobago dollars?  US dollars? Pounds sterling?
from (no name) QR41 (qatar riyal)
from Pattisons The Corso, $8.95 (aussie dollars)...
blessings on your journey!

Are you a frequent traveller with far-spanning Wings?
Do you often feel expat in your own home?

If you're in the mood, please share your favourite foods and funny feelings about being "at home, abroad", below!

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