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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Autumn Inspiration- oh, the places you could go! (events!)

What's new and good with you this weekend?

here... I'm watching the Rugby World Cup as Summer's gone and the sky won't be comforted. Sloppy wet velvet ribbons from the heavens... such a lovely day to be indoors...
 and, a little later, bracing the beach for the benefits of barefoot running!  

Feeling in need of some autumn inspiration, yourself?  You could be with amazing people and places to join hearts and entrepreneurial, healing spirit with.  Yes, you could.

For energy that could shift NYC to a new level, hang out at the Jarvitz Center on Manhattan the weekend of 17 & 18 September.  FallIINto action, the beautiful Institute of Integrative Nutrition School conference is taking place, with our guru leader Joshua Rosenthal and the eternal Deepak Chopra in residence.
and in the same building the same days (SPOOKY):  ICANDOIT New York, offered by the beautiful Louise Hay and earth angels Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson and Doreen Virtue to name a few.

October 23 sees something, amazing I would love to attend:  Rich Happy & Hot with Marie Forleo.  These women!  Want to be there!  Even if just to experience Danielle LaPorte holding court with her white hot truth... because self-realisation rocks.

For all of this, living on the other side of the pond and wishing I could flit like a butterfly across the Atlantic to meet all my heroes, and sit cross-legged in front of them for even just 20 minutes... I WILL be rocking it with the girls at Holistic MBA in Philidelphia November 3.  A knock-your socks off opportunity to Step Into Your Spotlight.  World, is that you a knockin' on my door?  I'm... almost... ready!

Inspired by these crazysexy opportunities (oh, btw, the magic Kris Carr will be at RHH with Marie and Danielle too!) I thought any of us, any at all, with an interest in holistic health and healing should meet.  This side of the Atlantic.  

So... Our autumn event... It's London, IINit?  Are you a student, graduate or business-owner in the UK from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition?  We'll be hanging out on a Saturday afternoon in October at Wholefoods Kensingtons raw food bar, Saf.  You could be with amazing people and places to join hearts and entrepreneurial, healing spirit with.  Yes, you could.  Come meet up in London!  Details, RSVP and please add a comment on our facebook page, here!


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