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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Natural ways to heal your aching back
Dear beautifuls ~

Are your Wings too heavy?
Back-ache is one of the common issues that I'm asked to help with in my six month health coaching programme.  If you've ever experienced its debilitating effect, take a little comfort in knowing you are not alone.  Through my experience as a fitness trainer and massage therapist, I see common traits- as all illnesses carry common traits- in the sufferers of back ache.  Here's help.

1.  The sufferers of backache- especially pain of the lower back- have, like most of us, under-developed core and abdominal muscles.  The abdominal muscles are helper muscles for the back, absorbing strain and giving strength as the body lifts, pulls and turns.  When the abdominal muscles aren't toned, the weaker muscles of the back have no support to do a job too strenuous.  Over time this will lead to damage and pain.

2.  At best, your doctor will provide a prescription for strong pain relief and the unhelpful assurance that your back ache will disappear as quickly as it arrives.  This is true. I encourage my clients to turn to nature's painkiller which has no side effects and is deeply nourishing and relaxing for the muscles- Heat.  

EXTERNALLY:  in the form of a hot water bottle, hot baths
INTERNALLY:  sips of hot water & hot tea regularly, and foods which warm the body such as curries, baked root vegetables, soups, stews and spices such as ginger, turmeric, nutmeg & cinnamon. 

3.  The benefits of massage are huge at this time.  Massaging the lower back, buttocks and the deep gluteal muscles brings fresh oxygen to these areas which speeds the healing process.  Natural oils like Bergamot, which is a mood-enhancer as well as warming, or Eucalyptus, with it's properties as a game-changer, add to the effectiveness.

4.  Finally for now, Creative visualisation to replace worry is recommended.  I've noticed many lower back pain sufferers have fear or nervousness about the future, specifically fear concerning income, sustainability, and career.  This observation is supported by Louise Hay's discoveries in You Can Heal Your Life.  Finding peace with your plans and your path is a vital step to minimise back-pain attacks long term.  I help my clients with positive visualisation and dream-building.

Depending on your personal needs, herbs and supplements can also be helpful.  
When you've got the weight of the world on your shoulders and desperately are seeking relief, may the above recommendations help you find it.

Be well,
 with love,

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