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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Lighten Up! Whisper this week-- leave all that's inauthentic, behind.

"We are who we are, because of what we believe to be true for ourselves."

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This week, I'm guided by time spent with the book "A return to Love" by Marianne Williamson.  She maintains that when we focus our energy on being real, of giving of ourself to our true purpose in the world, all that is inauthentic in our lives, including weight, drops away.

This might seem like the long way to get to your ideal weight and body shape, but in fact it could be quicker than you think.  In your own life, have you ever picked up a new hobby or begun a new job that completely absorbs you, to the point where you realise, perhaps weeks or months later, you've not spoken to certain people or been certain places a big part of your life before?  And when this happened, were you surprised that you hadn't even missed them?

This is how you will feel when your authentic self takes over the part of yourself absorbed in the frustration of overeating, overweight & poor self-image.  Aren't you "over" yourself, already?  This week, I invite you to do one thing that is authentically you.  Maybe you get a sense already of what it will be ... something that makes your heart sing...  Go for it.

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