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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Now We Are Free.

now we are free.

Now we have a Clean bathroom, a few dust-free pretty trinkets, quality products and nothing.we.don't.need (except more toilet paper).

Now the shower is scrubbed to an inch of it's life, the plug-hole is de-icked, a towel system is in place. Mini-toiletries from luxury hotels line up like little soldiers in the orderly vanity, all ready for the fight against personal grime. And I. Have structure. And a cleaning schedule. And fresh, unstreaky mirrors and polished tiles. Reed diffusers filled to the brim and only one fresh soap gracing the bath edge.

Now we are free.

Free from that big dark cloud hanging over my head. The little voice that said I could never expect to succeed working from home because I wasn't organised enough. I couldn't even keep my bathroom clean, for goodness sake! Well, I showed her! Now, how you going to make me feel I'm not good enough? (The little voice is clever. It'll be that my oven's not sparkly enough next.)

One day soon- perhaps instead of fighting the fight over and over in your own mind, "I don't need to do (X) to be (Y)!" I hope you get tired of feeling stupid shame as I did, and by doing X, you discover your Y is just asking what took you so long.

happy weekend, beautifuls
with love,

p.s  if you are inspired by Hannah Marcotti and her brilliant personal programs... i hope you like her share here, celebrating my journey with the Joytribe.  
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What's a "simple" you could do today, that once completed, will free you up no end?

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